Magnolia Blossom, ORTIR Apothecari


Here at niche perfume house ORTIR Apothecari in West Wales we are enjoying an early display of magnificent magnolia blooms, their early flowering a sign of how our seasons are shifting.

Fresh, floral, delicate, sweet, their fragrance is as arresting as the appearance of their buds bursting forth and heralding Spring.

These large waxy petals that we can now much admire are harvested and distilled with great care to produce magnolia essential oil - a precious treat for the perfumer.

Magnolia blossom pairs so well with other floral notes such as jasmine and rose, and this is why it sits at the very heart of HAF eau de parfum.

Keep your eyes peeled - the gorgeous scent of magnolia could be yours right now as this abundant blossom graces our gardens and parks.

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