Growing key ingredients for our ORTIR Apothecari niche perfumes showcases the importance of provenance as well as of seasonality. So when the clocks spring forward we know that it is time to sow the seeds for summer.

I love this time of year, full of possibilities and the days just that little bit longer. Morning coffee sat outside. Maybe an extra layer…

It is when I spend way too much time staring at seed trays looking for that tiny fleck of green and then whoosh there’s a leaf unfurled, then a flower.

It is in these early stages of germination that we can start to map out how the aromatics might work within a formula because we benefit from understanding the conditions they have experienced, which is priceless.

That extra hour of daylight gives us time to lay the groundwork for the harvests to come, which in turn will be enjoyed through our beautiful eau de parfum.

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