ORTIR Apothecari Eau de Parfum

A(nother) Moment in the Sun

This week niche perfumery ORTIR Apothecari will be heading to Cardiff to celebrate at the StartUp Awards, an event showcasing the best new businesses.

Thursday's evening event promises to be a celebration of entrepreneurial spirit and I am hugely honoured to be attending as a Finalist for the Fashion and Beauty industry.

For this award the judges were looking for businesses that provided “exciting, scalable and sustainable products with the potential to become major brands”.

Years ago – different place, different adventures - I would look forward to escaping the city for the weekend.

A decade living life out in the very west of West Wales, I now find myself spending nearly all my time outdoors.  I look forward to an organised (dare I say corporate) event, which once I would have taken for granted.

Perfumery is a dream vocation – each individual stage and task a pleasure. The hands on growing and harvesting has been for me a significant education over the past few years. Giving me great insight into perfumery ingredients – building my skills by producing them here and by doing so increasing my knowledge and understanding of the processes used further afield and by other suppliers.

A passion and a schooling brought together to make something tangible.

Reaching the Finals for the StartUp Award is a validation that I am on the right track and I am sure that Thursday evening will be one of many moments in the sun.

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