Lisa Howarth, Perfumer


Just shy of a year ago I launched ORTIR Apothecari, a perfumery in the very west of West Wales. It had been years - and several harvests - in the making, but my dream had finally come true and was taking on a life own and on Friday 13th (unlucky for some) was live!

Full of anticipation and ambition, you could pinch me hard but nothing could have prepared me for the news that just a year on, ORTIR Apothecari would be a Finalist at the Fragrance Foundation Awards.

They say that there is a fine line between fear and excitement. That when you are facing something big like this you are going to feel the same symptoms as you do when you're excited.

Hold that thought.

I am the first to suggest choosing the right fragrance can lead to wellbeing. I will be wearing Hiraeth eau de parfum, chock full of soothing frankincense and calming rose to travel up to London to alleviate excited nerves.

And I will wear the fragrance I created with family ties in mind for a bit of hand holding at the Award ceremony itself.

Not for the first time, I will use scent as my superpower.

A (very wise) industry great told me that to be a successful perfumer I would need to play the long game.

Step by careful step.

Awards are validators, welcome milestones on your journey, but maybe we’ve not even reached base camp.

I am certain there is more adventure to come.

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