ORTIR Apothecari seedlings


At niche perfumery ORTIR Apothecari the air temperature may still be a little chilly, but this has to be one of my all-time favourite seasons.

I never get tired of watching the magic of tiny seedlings sprouting, excited when I tease out an unexpectedly long root, fine and delicate but with so much promise of the flowers and foliage to follow.

My greenhouse is bursting with sweet peas, little shoots upright and proud reaching towards the light, practising their climbing skills. By summer my garden will be liberally sprinkled with these lathyrus odoratus (it’s all in a name) their heady floral scent capturing my attention and perhaps I will work their gorgeous fragrance into a composition.

Like any proud parent I dote on them, worry when the temperature starts to drop.

Until they are fully grown, I will reach for HAF eau de parfum to conjure summer.

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