Sustainable beauty, West Wales


Our niche perfumery out here in the very west of Wales was born from the immediate experience and hands on appreciation of what is on our very own doorstep. It is what led to the creation of ORTIR Apothecari eau de parfum, each of the perfumes a different take on a moment here, in all weathers and across all seasons.

And as we head towards Easter, there is so much colour where so recently it was grey. Our fields are now awash with the bright golden flowers of gorse. A treasure that will last throughout the warmer months stretching out ahead of us taking us through spring and way into summer.

Stepping outside to this you are greeted, and more often than not surprised, by its distinctive tropical scent of coconut and honey.

And this furze is brimming with life. It’s huge spiny branches a perfect haven for wildlife. As it is in flower for such long periods, it is an important nectar source in early spring and early winter, when little else is in flower. And is is a fantastic place for all sorts of creatures great and small to burrow and hide. 

Heavenly scented, priceless treasure. 

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