Hiraeth eau de parfum in front of a log fire


We all know that the sense of smell evokes memories, that it has the power to transport you back to people and places in an instant. And it should come as no real surprise, and we are being increasingly told, that scent can help with our well-being too. Fragrance really can change how we feel – and for the better. Our Hiraeth eau de parfum is a great example of this. HIRAETH is a Welsh word, for which there is no translation into English. It suggests a sense of home, of place, of wanting. Our aim was to capture these feelings within a fragrance, so that a single spritz would envelop and cocoon the wearer with a feeling of warmth and love. We used a heavy dose of organic frankincense oil in the composition to create a scented comfort blanket. Then we added jasmine so that the blanket became cashmere, expressive of luxury and beauty. We are so excited by the transformative addition that we are now working on growing the jasmine as a crop.

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