Christmas Fairy


As a niche perfumery we recognise that the best fragrances are often the most powerful, thought provoking, sentimental of scents.

Nostalgia in bottle form.

A bit like rummaging through the loft to get to the box of cherished tree ornaments only to keep finding things.

Important keepsakes in long forgotten boxes.

Old toys. Boxes – literally boxes - of photographs. Well-thumbed books.


My work as a perfumer allows me to transport myself here and there, backwards and forwards in time. Toying with emotions and feelings associated with all sorts of experiences, like a magician.

When I created the ORTIR eau de parfum range I wanted to capture this very place and time. The right here, right now bottled. To invoke the power of scent.

Back in my lab I concoct other perfume compositions, striving to create the notion of a certain someone in fragrance form. Conjuring up the very essence of an individual, like a spell.

Akin to the feelings that play through your mind when looking through old forgotten snapshots of people and places long gone.

Making memories. Cherished like a Christmas fairy.

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