FINALIST, Fashion & Beauty StartUp Awards 2023

FINALIST, Fashion & Beauty StartUp Awards 2023

It is less than a year ago that I launched ORTIR Apothecari - a niche perfume house right here in the very West of Wales.

So I am absolutely thrilled to be a FINALIST in the StartUp Awards 2023 for Fashion and Beauty.

It is a real honour and daunting though it was, this whole process was a fantastic opportunity for me to sit back from my day-to-day and really assess how far I had come in a few short months. 

They asked me what it was that inspired me to start ORTIR Apothecari, my motivations as a founder of a niche perfume house as well as the journey and adventures I have had so far.

The ups, downs, challenges and highs. 

To get this far in the competition I had to answer lots of questions about the business side of ORTIR Apothecari: 

  • What I wish I'd known before starting the business.
  • What are my ambitious plans for the future?
  • Who my supportive community is
  • What makes my business so special?
  • What makes it stand out from the crowd? 

I am so very grateful for this recognition as well as for all the support that has gotten me here.

I am truly excited for the future.



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