AER eau de parfum


As a niche perfumery based all the way out out in West Wales we are lucky enough when we want to keep calm to walk out our door and enjoy the quiet amongst the trees.

To observe nature first hand: sights, sounds, scents.

A drip of rain spilt from leaves high up in the overarching canopy. Cool and refreshing splashed on your nose.

The sudden crunch underfoot, releasing earthy notes, warm and reassuring.

The musty odour of a tree torn down in a storm, covered in lichen. Adding to the debris. Dank, almost smoky.

We understand that a forest scent is all of these things, inhaled in one breath.

No surprises that the woody notes in creative perfumery are sourced from trees: leaves resins, mosses, barks, roots.

An earthy green olfactory illusion.

Most often featured within a composition as a base note, the accords created from these materials add richness, intensity, luxury and warmth to the fragrance.

For AER eau de parfum the fragrance opens with a deep inhale of cool aromatics twisting into a heart of warm florals before dropping down towards the forest floor on sweet, woody notes of resinous Cedar Atlas.

Treading through the autumnal fall of leaves.

A fertile refuge.

Everyone should escape their everyday and immerse themselves in the great outdoors.

Take some AER.

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