Scent Wardrobe


Fragrance lovers everywhere know that niche perfume is the ultimate accessory.

Someone I much admire recently told me she never felt fully dressed without a spritz of perfume. We were discussing the ORTIR Apothecari Discovery Set and how brilliant it was not just for finding a favourite fragrance, but also that it was a capsule scent wardrobe – the Holy Grail in all senses.

We are conscious that we all have multiple selves, different roles in our lives which may affect not only how we want to portray ourselves outwardly, but also how we want to feel. The concept of a fragrance wardrobe is exactly like how we might use the traditional wardrobe. Trying things on to make you feel great, to suit yourself or the time and place you find yourself in.

Having lived on a farm for a decade now I am acutely aware that I have a uniform. Despite wardrobes full of fancy outfits I seem to stick to a basic silhouette. My own scent wardrobe has been whittled down to a couple of stalwarts with the obvious addition of the full ORTIR Apothecari range as well as anything I may be working on at the time.

I am so honoured to be a Finalist at two Award Ceremonies. I'm going to need an outfit that make me look my best, shoes that I can dance in and a perfume choice that will give me superpowers.

Shake things up, get my glad rags on and spritz. 

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