ORTIR Apothecari oils


It is early January and I am cosy inside looking out at the frosty fields, which make up this beautiful Welsh landscape.

Today’s task to work through some of my vintage oils and note down their everchanging properties.

The fragrances immediately transport me back to summers past. To being outside in warm sunshine.

Reading back through my diaries I map the conditions in which the oils were grown, cross referencing what I read in my notes with what I smell on the scented strips I dip into the glass vessels filled with golden hued liquids.

Both a joy and a priceless education which keeps me in tune with the seasons.

It gives me first and foremost a unique understanding of the nuances of these oils as they develop. And whilst following the maturation of the oils over time is an exciting journey in itself, it is when I am blending them into formulations to create ORTIR eau de parfum that the magic really happens.

Creating fine fragrances anchored to both a sense of time as well as of place.

Celebrations of great vintages.

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