Roses, ORTIR Apothecari


Here at niche British perfume house ORTIR Apothecari we are busy making timeless scents and for this we know that we can rely upon the beautiful Queen of Flowers - the rose - which sits proudly at the heart of many a perfume and has done throughout history.

The rose has many guises and so is incredibly versatile to the perfumer, who (of course) tends towards heavily fragrant varieties such as rose de mai (rosa centifolia) or rosa damascena either in the form of steam distilled essential oil or else its deeper hued absolute obtained by solvent extraction.

Sometimes gentle, almost powdery at other times the scent of rose becomes full on floral and it holds its own when fused with heavy woods and leathers.

It plays very well with light citrus accords as in HAF edp where it is used to transport the wearer from light bright fragrant top notes to a sunny warm beautiful floral heart.

Whether worn as a fragrance or fleetingly enjoyed in the garden or vase, the rose will never go out of style.

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