Trailer with scented crops ready to take into the fields to plant


At ORTIR Apothecari we are creating luxury niche perfumes which are blended using oils extracted from aromatics which we have grown right here on Welsh soil. The name ORTIR is an amalgamation of three Welsh words which translate to of the land. We felt that this was a fitting description to how we are creating and making our niche fragrance compositions. We are not just being inspired by our Welsh location but actually capturing a little bit of Wales in each and every bottle of perfume.

Terroir is a French term often used in viticulture to describe a sense of place. It refers to environmental factors such as climate and soil conditions when growing. Over the past few harvests we have recognised these characteristics in the oils that we are producing and have embraced this concept when formulating our niche Welsh perfumes.

As for Apothecari - well, an apothecarist is the traditional term for someone who would dispense herbal concoctions. Here in Wales we are growing and experimenting with all sorts of scented crops, distilling leaf, flower head and root. A good proportion of these are herbs - rosemaries, clary sage, mints and lavenders to name just a few and so we felt that it was a good description for what we do too.

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