ORTIR Apothecari


You may have noticed that on every bottle of our beautiful niche perfume we feature an heraldic lion. Perhaps you have wondered what it symbolises?

Ten years ago we moved to West Wales and looking back I recognise that my early growing and distilling was an exploration of the land around us. An attempt to understand where we had landed.

Putting down roots. Literally.

It was so very different to anywhere we had ever lived before. A new soundtrack of crashing waves and such big skies. I couldn’t understand how the children slept through howling winds and pitch black (still don’t). I missed the comforting orange glow of streetlights and gentle hum of traffic.

When it came down to designing a logo for the brand I knew that I wanted to reflect our unique location and to illustrate that the idea for ORTIR was born right here. The regardant lion, a local cultural icon is my nod to Ceredigion history and sense of place. Rooting the ORTIR brand to its location and as the lion is a common charge in heraldry, lending a sense of pride and tradition.

With every spritz of ORTIR Apothecari eau de parfum you are instantly transported to this very place.


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