HAF eau de parfum

Longer Days and Sweeter Air

HAF eau de parfum is my take on a blue-sky summer day. A beautiful addition to the niche perfumes of ORTIR Apothecari.

In creating this particular fragrance I wanted to bottle that feeling of bright light you get when the sun is high and hot. HAF eau de parfum opens with top notes of citrus. Bergamot and grapefruit are there to add lift, raising the spirits along with the temperature.

Heading into summer proper, I fully take advantage of working outside where I am surrounded by my favourite blooms. Plants propogated from places and adventures past, roses that have been specifically chosen to mark important anniversaries. Peonies from my grandparents’ garden that have survived uprooting numerous times – incredible but true.

I love this. It adds multiple layers of meaning and joy, which the heart of HAF eau de parfum plays on. Abundant heady rose oils carefully balanced with sticky sweet florals conjuring in scent form the abundant clusters of small white jasmine flowers crawling up the stonework at the side of the house.

Creamy base notes of sandalwood create a smooth perfume trail emitted as it diffuses on the skin. This is known in the world of perfume as the sillage, what you leave behind on the air as your beautiful blue sky day closes, like a long lingering shadow.

Moving into June. When the air is warm and sweet.

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