Great British Niche Scents


Located as we are in a faraway (splendid) corner of the world, it is important to recognise how my work as a British niche perfumer fits into the greater scheme.

So, for this week I’m handing you over to Bloom Perfumery (home to the finest curated collection of modern independent perfume houses) who have created a tribute to the art of British perfumery and in which we feature.

“Today, a blend of tradition and modernity defines British perfume, a timeless source of olfactory artistry, more than a simple blend of flowers, oils and aromatics but a projection of the Great British spirit and renowned craftsmanship.

And the latest brand to Bloom, Ortir APOTHECARI, from the wild west of Wales capturing the essence of a country steeped in botanicals, bringing us the seasons and the joy of the unique Welsh landscape.”

More than a little delighted for ORTIR Apothecari to be put on their map of niche British perfume brands making life smell good.

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