ORTIR Apothecari Discovery Set


At niche perfumery ORTIR Apothecari we know that nature is at its most potent in the glorious summertime. I’ve not had a conversation recently without someone mentioning their absolute joy at being outside. Fragrance lovers everywhere basking in fresh floral scents hanging heavy in the air at this time of year.

As we head towards the end of the summer term many of us are making plans for the long weeks ahead. Looking forward to summer adventures: some faraway, some closer to home.

Recent (albeit short-lived) downpours that we have been enjoying have helped turn the grasses back from pale yellow to vibrant greens. With the warmth of the sun the garden is once more a cacophony of sound and scent.

Fragrance is a powerful tool, transporting you to any time, any place - just close your eyes and spritz.

But sometimes we decide to take a physical journey, and more often than not that means packing a bag (or suitcase) with all that you might (and more likely won’t) need.

This is when our Discovery Set comes into its own. Handbag friendly vials that are perfect to transport your favourite ORTIR scent to your next destination for you to enjoy.

Favourite things neatly stored.

Whether you are packing your suitcase, or just stepping out, perfume will capture your happy holiday memories.

Sunshine days in travel-friendly bottles.

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