Lilac blossom


Well here is something that you will definitely want to sniff at whether you are a niche perfumer or just out on a jolly jaunt because right now and for a few short, sweet-scented weeks we are being treated to the delights of lilac blossom.

Pinks, purples, whites, mauves.

Blooms made up of delicate individual flowerheads. Their scent powdery, sweet but green.

Symbolic of early love, impossibly romantic decorated with its green heart shaped leaves it is the stuff of folklore, especially as this flowering woody shrub can live for over one hundred years.

For the perfumer lilac belongs firmly to the fragrance family of soft, spring-like floral notes. To extract its divine scented oil, the bountiful harvest goes through the process of solvent extraction before being blended into fragrance.

Let us enjoy its fleeting crop of fragrant clusters.

Breathe, sniff, inhale deeply.

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