Foraging for Fragrance


Foraging for fragrance is a niche perfumers dream and I am just back from one of my expeditions - an Autumnal walk where the air feels crisp, but the sun is still warm.

Seed heads, twigs, an impossibly large feather and berries of every size and colour - emptying my pockets with today’s haul I am bemused at what I have collected.

They are a visual sketch of where I have just been, a reminder of today’s perambulation. this very place and this specific time.

Laid out on my workbench they could be the inspiration for a new fragrance. I will try to capture their aromas and recreate seasonality.

Perhaps I should work them into an accord. It might be the foundation for something new a building block for a very different composition. 

Deep breaths taken, bits and pieces collected.

These are the starting points for ORTIR Apothecari perfumes.

The right here right now captured in scent.

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