Fragrance Foundation Finalist


What does it mean when I describe ORTIR Apothecari as a niche perfume house? As a Finalist in this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards standing alongside industry greats including Jo Malone, Chanel and Dior, this is a question I keep getting asked.

I do like to seek out the unusual, something that makes me feel special, that has been well-considered (I do love a story), that I can identify with and use to express myself.

And whilst this doesn’t always mean niche, it certainly ticks a good many of its boxes.

The past couple of decades has seen a niche revolution within the perfume industry. A new breed of fragrance makers breaking away from the shackles of traditional perfumery and leading the way in experimental formula, inspired by their own experiences and critically, being independent. It has meant that perfumeries such as ORTIR Apothecari get recognised.

For the most part niche means trail-blazing, artisan, limited edition.

Small-scale producers using high quality raw ingredients, exclusively focused on their niche.

ORTIR Apothecari takes this one step further.

Growing and distilling our own aromatics means that we are in control of key raw materials that sit at the heart of our fragrances.

And as with tiny plants, this niche needs to be nurtured.

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