The everyday of a small artisan niche perfumer working way out on the edge of Wales can sometimes feel lonesome. So I keep a radio at each of my work stations.

Sometimes the radio is white noise, but recently I was stopped in my (thought) tracks to listen to how we should all be giving meaning to every aspect of our lives, however mundane the activity.

It was a call to arms - #romanticiseyourlife.

And whilst I would never identify as particularly romantic, it definitely struck a chord.

Because at its heart it implies that whilst you can’t control everything in your life, you do have control of how you view your situation.

Wise words indeed.

The piece spoke of the (lost) art of appreciating life’s simple pleasures, of being in the present and becoming aware of your physical sensations, thoughts and emotions. We can so often find ourselves swept up in actions not directly of benefit to our own wellbeing and this leads to heightened stress and is ultimately exhausting.

Tiny steps in routine can turn this around.

Whilst I’m not going to suggest that you immediately go and run through a field of flowers, I would definitely suggest treating yourself.

From ritualising your morning coffee to indulging in the feelgood factor of ORTIR eau de parfum, which by their very nature are rooted to a sense of time and place. 

Do take a moment to stop.

Maybe listen to (wise words on) the radio.

Treat yourself.

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