vetiver root, ORTIRApothecari


Echoing the fields of ORTIR Apothecari, we love to play with the naturally grounding and restorative notes of vetiver in our niche perfumes.

And with its sustainable credentials, it is as good for the soul as it is for the planet: reminiscent of long grasses, swaying sweetly on a warm breeze.

Giving a perception of parched earth. Dust.

Smoky. Almost leather.

Vetiver (chrysopogon zizanioides) is a perennial grass that originates in Southern India. Plunging its roots down vertically into the soil for anywhere up to three metres, they are invaluable for controlling soil erosion.

Harvested for their root, they make for a potent – and sustainable - ingredient in perfumery. For centuries we have extracted viscous oil from their dessicated tentacle-like clumps: once dried and chopped, roots are soaked in water before undergoing a steam distillation process.

The deep amber hued oil we extract from vetiver root has a woody, slightly smoky earthiness. Reminiscent of good old-fashioned leather.

For the perfumer it makes for a great fixative adding stability to a formula which might otherwise be a little too flighty. Blended into the base of a fougere, its precious creamy notes blend well with lavenders and top citrus notes.


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