ORTIR Apothecari perfume

Scent communicates, just as words do.

Each one of the niche perfumes of ORTIR Apothecari has been named in Welsh to highlight provenance as well as to celebrate the beautiful language of Wales.

Dôl translates from Welsh to mean meadow in English. I created it as an homage to a traditional fragrance, known in French as fougere. Think fresh herbal notes, velvety sweet grasses and dry earthy tones.

Fougere is the French term for fern, but ferns have no smell, something I know for a fact as our woodland is full of them. 

This fantasy fragrance was invented in 1882 by French perfume house Houbigant. It has nothing to do with natural scent but is recognisable by the notes used to create it; a fougere is an aromatic fragrance with notes of lavender and fresh hay. The daring was not to directly copy something natural, but rather to create something imagined in nature.

When we enjoy Dôl eau de parfum we are immersed in a fictional narrative of a fougere style perfume.

The power of scent relied upon to take you to the same enchanting imaginary spot in whatever language takes your fancy. 

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