Lisa Howarth, Perfumer and Esther Young, Creatorship

Sharing a Winning Secret

Niche perfumery ORTIR Apothecari was a Finalist in the Fashion & Beauty category of the Start Up Awards, which is why last Thursday I found myself in Cardiff in a vast space surrounded by hundreds of individuals all with their very own (fingers crossed) winning secret.

What we all had in common was that we were all just starting out on our entrepreneurial journey, proudly nurturing our niches, and the energy that night was contagious.

Back in April I wrote about what it meant to be niche and all that stood for: trail-blazing, artisan, limited edition. Last Thursday I met so many individuals all working on their particular niche.

Walking into the venue, queuing at the bar, sitting around the table I found myself listening to all their hopes, dreams and adventures. It made me think. How do you share (and by doing so grow) your secret niche without losing its very special something?

The Awards were all about the Start Up, creating something with a view to taking it forward, scaling up. The people I met had great ideas (secrets), which they wanted to share. They may not yet have the mega marketing budget to do that, but what they DID have is a slightly exclusive, unique USP.

And a passion to drive that forward.

The Awards, for me, were a fabulous evening - I won - but it was made all the more special because I attended with the wonderful Esther Young.

I was introduced to Esther almost a year ago now. With her Creatorship hat on,  she has supported me in driving ORTIR forward, encouraging my niche, advising me and giving me the clarity needed to take a secret, grow it and to share it.

Thank you Esther.

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