Winter fields


Did you know that scent triggers emotion.  A brief olfactory recollection and off you go at full speed down memory lane.

That is why we are making scents tuned in to the seasons. Creating beautiful perfumes that showcase the importance of provenance and seasonality.

Fragrances anchored to time and place.

Throughout 2022 I’ve been introduced to some really interesting and amazing people – all top of their game and brimming with great advice. I’ve been casting my net wide, building up a team of trusted experts to help guide ORTIR Apothecari ever forward. Whatever their specialism they have offered one common thread of advice: take people with you on your adventures. And to do this - use the power of social media.

I’ve always been a bit wary of social media. Never been my thing. Whether that’s as a parent watching the kids fall down the rabbit hole or just down to being plain old I’m not sure.

However, I quite like some of it. What has surprised me and (almost) got me hooked is its ability to document the passing of time. Like a diary – and I still keep one of those.

Watching the passing of the seasons through images pinned one after another allows me to see growth – at all levels. It’s a lovely, affirming visual document of how things are progressing. As well as an enjoyment I never expected.

It’s also got me sifting through old memories. It’s that time of year.

A couple of images I posted in December reminded me of a photograph we were given by a neighbour when we first moved to Panteg. It had been a slow burn – initial wariness as we passed on the track, then a nod, a smile, a few words. And then the gifting of a photograph he had taken of the fields deep in snow from years before we ever set foot here and of which he was very proud. I’ve shared this precious image with you at the top of the page.

Remembering this makes for a beautiful memory. It is a reminder of people, of the passing of time, of changing seasons. It is an opportunity to pause and to reflect.

Fragrance can and should be like that. 

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