AER eau de parfum in the woods


We are trying to capture a little piece of Wales, to evoke a feeling or memory in every bottle of our luxury Welsh perfumes. We literally open our door and step outside for our inspiration. 

AER, our complex, contemporary eau de parfum, grown and made in Wales illustrates this beautifully.

AER is inspired by an early morning walk down into the woods. Heading out we experience the fresh, cool breeze blowing in from across the Bay and we have translated this into scent using a variety of mints. Taking the well-worn path beneath the canopy of trees we head down through the woods towards the cwm. Underfoot we are trampling fallen leaf and branch, this contrasting with the vibrant growth of fern. How to capture this in a fragrance? After many trials we found that we could reimagine our walking through the earthy undergrowth by composing a base heavy on vetiver.

And we are now growing vetiver as a trial.




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