Perfumes Grown in Wales



At ORTIR Apothecari we grow and distil key ingredients for our niche fragrances.

Seeing the effects of the soil and the climate means we are totally tuned in to the seasons and this level of traceability gives our perfumes their unique composition as well as being an important factor in our sustainable credentials.

As a society we are increasingly aware of what is happening to our planet. More and more of us are striving for a more sustainable way of life.

This week marks the 53rd World Earth Day, which takes place every April 22 to educate and highlight environmental issues.

What we eat, how we travel, what we wear what we put on our skin...

This resonates strongly with us both as custodians of the land and as parents. We feel that we should do something to open up a conversation around the importance of looking after our natural heritage for future generations. ORTIR Apothecari perfumes are so much more than beautiful fragrances. They are part of a much bigger story - how we cultivate and use our precious resources, encouraging biodiversity, sharing our horticultural knowledge. 

Appreciating what we have and making sure it will be there in the future.


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