ORTIR Apothecari Discovery Set


All four ORTIR Apothecari niche perfumes can be found within our Discovery Set allowing you to experience all of our beautiful fragrances

Through the art of perfumery, we choose not only how we smell, but also what impressions we leave in our wake. Our sense of smell is fiendishly powerful. It holds us in its grip, manipulating the world around us. 

We all like to dress up and our Discovery Set is an ideal opportunity for you to find your favourite scent as well as to discover alternative facets of who you might want to be. And at this time of year, with the holidays fast approaching we can (hopefully) find the perfect time to experiment with this outward perception as we cast off our usual uniform and dip our toes into new waters. Away from our day-to-day selves.

Perfume is so much more than a list of ingredients. It can change the way you feel about yourself as well as how others perceive you. 

Perfect for the holidays, when we can be seen as we are, or discover who we want to be.

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