ORTIR Apothecari Oils


One of the reasons I describe ORTIR as a niche perfumery is the quantity of quality ingredients which I am able to incorporate into my fragrances as a result of being small scale production.

We are very aware that from the art of friendship to how we travel to the food we eat, since the ‘80’s there has been a slow movement for every part of western life in our search for wellbeing and this has become our mantra with how we work -  Slow Perfumery is you like.

Because another luxury that I insist upon is time.

The journey for each ORTIR fragrance from initial concept to final product is not market dependent – I keep my own time and feel no need to rush the creative process.

Add to this the desire to use oils at their very best. Our fragrance oils are matured over time and our concentrates are left to macerate for a fixed period dependent on formulation and season.

The art of perfumery is one of precision and takes total concentration and dedication.

Like a bespoke suit or a piece of couture, it takes longer.

And if we are turning our backs on fast fashion, should we also be eschewing mass-market beauty?

The rewards for taking it to the next level are quality and longevity. Not to mention the element of uniqueness.

Slow perfumery simultaneously grounds us in the moment and lifts us to a higher level.

Akin to meditation.

Slowing the pace of life.

Gifting wellbeing.



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