AER eau de parfum - mint


As a niche perfumer I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by a library of beautiful oils, which inspire and sharpen my senses.

And as we move into Autumn it’s back to school and to sitting up straight.

We are all of us wanting to focus the mind which, hot on the heels of a summer break, can prove something of a challenge.

Lucky for you I am going to suggest reaching for some mint leaf (if you don’t already have a bunch in your garden, add some to your shopping basket).

Because the properties of mint will awaken senses blunted by the recent heat and give you superpowers to attack your to-do list.

In perfumery we tend to use mint to create refreshing top notes. The menthol found in oils extracted from these plants lends itself particularly well when we want to create a fragrance with cooling properties.

I use this method to recreate the coastal sea breeze we experience here. Blending grassy peppermint oil into our very own AER eau de parfum we are creating a perfume that not only smells beautiful and captures a sense of place but also has the gift of wellbeing.

And naturally I am going to recommend a spritz - if like me you need a pick me up to get you back into the swing of things.

Of course, between us, and if your to-do list is as long as mine, I also suggest adding a handful of mint leaf to a cup of hot water as a stimulating tea.

Because focus is everything.

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