Walk though a meadow on a blue sky summer day


How do you instantly transport someone to a moment in time?

Setting a scene using the power of fragrance to conjure an idea or a memory of a specific time and place. 

When I create ORTIR fragrances I aim to showcase the importance of provenance and seasonality using the sense of smell. I am building a multi-sensory illustration of a specific time and place.

Dôl, our take on a traditional fougere is a literal use of scent to evoke such memories. Opening notes of citrus are deliciously fresh and take the wearer easily to the perfumes soft herbaceous heart.  It is very much an olfactory recreation of walking through a meadow and lasting notes of vetiver enrich the perception of dry earth. You could close your eyes and imagine the landscape, feel the warmth of the sun on your back.

Transporting you back to this very place.

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