ORTIR Apothecari eau de parfum


Rifle through the pockets of any perfumer or fragrance lover and you will find an array of thin white strips of paper.

Like the ones you find beside tester bottles in a beauty hall.

Designed to hold and render scent, these strips are made of odourless paper, porous enough to absorb perfume allowing an accurate reading of how a fragrance behaves.

Perfumers and fragrance lovers alike use them when evaluating raw materials, accords and of course finished perfumes.

Whether you know them as scent strips, scent blotters or the more exotic sounding mouillettes these disposable white lines are pH neutral and so are the closest you'll get to the skin.

And as perfume reacts differently on each and every wearer, the use of these strips to the perfumer is invaluable.

When working on a formula you’ll often see a perfumer using multiple strips in the shape of a fan. This is particularly useful for experimenting before committing to a trial blend, whether for a single accord or a complete perfume.

With a scent strip the perfumer can follow the journey of how the perfume composition opens, initially from the top note before transitioning into the heart and finally closing with the base notes.

Our ORTIR Apothecari DISCOVERY Set includes a set of these clever scent strips.

So that when you rifle through your own pockets you will get be a beautiful waft of ORTIR eau de parfum.

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