Smell the rain coming in across the Bay


Can you name your scent triggers?

Coffee for me, and weirdly I love the smell of petrol.

Sweet peas.

Smelling the rain coming in – didn’t believe that one until we moved out here.

Fragrances are powerful mood enhancers, the sense of smell being the strongest of our five senses and the one that most affects memory and emotion. Scents activate our limbic system, encouraging our bodies to release endorphins making us feel great.

You can throw anything at me in August, I’ll be up to my neck in lavender, my skin so heavily scented and overalls drenched with distillates. By the end of the summer I become anosmic to it (when you lose your sense of smell – something which was a real issue for many during the pandemic)

But I can definitely vouch that lavender is a calming, soothing sedative and of course I am not alone in feeling that.

Botanicals have been celebrated for their medicinal properties throughout history and perfume is increasingly being used as a tool for wellbeing. The science behind how a fragrance can affect and even balance our mood really resonates with what we do at ORTIR Apothecari as we increasingly recognise perfume to be a purposeful luxury.

Triggering good feelings.

Making scents.

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