Alpine Lawn


What is the root of ORTIR Apothecari perfumes?

I’m going to take you with me as I walk the dogs. Sun is shining. No need for a coat.

Out the kitchen door, across the garden and rounding a corner we pass down next to the trial crop beds, still dormant as we have occasional frosts and wander to the bottom terrace past fruit trees just starting to blossom. It is a hidden gem running along the top of our woods. 

We walk to a soundtrack of plentiful birdsong and crashing waves. A favourite spot for me.

There is plenty going on underfoot. And here is the thing. We are walking on thyme.

I know lots of people keen update their home interiors. Whilst I’ve always aspired to a fragrant and decorative carpet. 

Sweet-smelling herbal lawns have been in and out of fashion for centuries. Thymes, mints, chamomiles, crushed underfoot and releasing a gorgeous burst of aromatics with each step. Uplifting and grounding all at once.

In my very first Spring here, when I discovered I had my very own Alpine Lawn,
I knew I had to create my perfumes from this land.

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