Lisa Howarth, Perfumer


Launching perfume house ORTIR Apothecari in May of last year was such an amazing chapter in my journey through the world of fragrance. 

Nothing prepared me though for the feeling of utter elation that I felt through my exciting adventures of last week. It was really quite special.

Also nerve-racking.

Definitely exhilarating.

The Fragrance Foundation Awards is the Oscars of the perfume industry and as you know, I was up for the Award for Newcomer.

I was already dizzy having been shortlisted and knew I was up against some seriously great names who boasted several seasons under their belt.

To have gotten this far having launched just last year was HUGE!

I had a sneak preview of who would be on the guest list before I arrived, but  it was when I saw the seating plan the it really struck home how honoured I was to be considered worthy to be seated next to those who I have long admired. No names here, but not in my wildest dreams could I have expected to be introduced to the inner circle, and for them to welcome me in spades. 

I was humbled to experience such support and friendship from a room full of my heroes. It was an amazing privilege and one I will forever hold dear.

The whole evening was superb with the reality exceeding my expectation by miles.

And miles. And miles.

And whilst I may not have come home with the trophy (this time), the winning for me was absolutely the being there.

A wish fulfilled.

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