AER eau de parfum


Way out here in West Wales it is the season of snapping crackling popping bonfires. And fragrance lovers everywhere will be enjoying the beautiful scent of wood smoke, caught on the wind as we all head home, comforting as the nights draw in.

It’s these woody notes that can be enjoyed in our very own AER eau de parfum - a fragrance that captures a walk through the woods. The floor littered with twigs snapping underfoot as you make your way home with a basket of kindling that will crackle and pop in the hearth.

Smoky notes in perfumery make for a comforting scent blanket to wrap you up when the seasons change. HIRAETH eau de parfum blends sweet notes of amber with earthiness fashioned from traces of oakmoss, a gentle nod to cosy nights in front of the fire.

Reminiscent of late summer campfires outdoors, or just longing for a comfy fireside seat back home.

Inside or outside, embrace woody notes.



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