ORTIR Apothecari Perfumes


Here at niche perfumery ORTIR Apothecari we are busy creating scents to make you jolly at this time of the year.

It is such a great season: friends, family, noise, gifts, sparkle, but can sometimes be a little too much…

For mood boosting fragrance choose ORTIR Apothecari HAF eau de parfum – opening with uplifting citrus to put the sparkle back.

And if the dark skies and late nights leave you feeling a little sluggish then ORTIR Apothecari AER eau de parfum has invigorating peppermint to set you to rights.

Acting like a great big comfort blanket, soothing notes of rose and frankincense found in ORTIR Apothecari HIRAETH eau de parfum are a perfect foil for all that racing around.

If it all gets too much take time to meander through Welsh meadows with DÔL eau de parfum.

Take your time, enjoy the festivities.

Treat yourself this season.

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